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What can you do to raise awareness about the dangers happening at the border and how they affect the nation? Below are some ways to get more involved.

  1. Media
  2. Politics
  3. Campus
  4. Host an Event
  5. Community
  6. Campaigns
  7. Think about what's important to you
  8. Live what's important to you
  1. Media
    Become informed, and help inform others
    1. Get clear on what is happening in the world by reading a variety of reputable sources.
    2. Monitor your campus and international newspapers for bias and misinformation, and alert others when you see it. When you see news stories that disavow that there are problems from a lack of border security, or provide arguments that don't include the whole picture, organize a letter writing campaign pointing out the mistake.
    3. See how the different media present events.  
    4. Send letters to editors and write op-eds, about misinformation about the border, misinformation, and the threat to the security of the nation.
    5. Start a blog, or feature some important links on your page at MySpace and Facebook.
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  3. Politics
    Contact your elected officials
    1. Your views as a citizen are important to your elected representatives. Organize letter writing campaigns to your elected officials raising awareness about the border, and encouraging them to be pro-active about the issues. You can write a short, personal email with a subject line like: "Thank you for standing up for the security of the nation..."
    2. When you see legislation that benefits the corporations and companies who hire illegals and encourage human trafficking, but does nothing to help the populations being abused by them, help your friends and colleagues write letters to your elected officials, telling them to oppose such legislation.
    3. Volunteer for a campaign, and raise this issue to the candidate you are supporting.
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  5. Campus
    Engage and educate the people at your university
    1. Many college students are intimidated by professors or activists who aggressively attack their ideals. These attacks are often based on misrepresentations of the nation or its motives. If you encounter bias, join with other students to foster a balanced exchange of ideas not stifled by misinformation or agendas that ultimately hurt both sides of the issue.
    2. Engage and encourage student organizations – student government, College Democrats and Republicans, cultural organizations - to condemn human trafficking and the encouragement of illegal immigration, unsecure borders, and the threats to our shared ideals posed by inaction and lack of knowledge.
    3. On campus, start a booth or group to combat bias. Distribute information, host discussions, and organize multi-media presentations that will help inform people about the issues.
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  7. Host an Event
    1. Show BORDER or other important films, with a post-show discussion to help people think about the issues. For more information on hosting a BORDER screening, contact us at: screenings@bordermovie.com. For information on hosting an BORDER screening on your college campus, contact us at campus@bordermovie.com.
      Other important films you can show include:
    2. Bringing speakers to your campus or community, to help educate, and engage others in a healthy debate.
    3. Organizing a peaceful rally or vigil on the issues of relevance to you.
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  9. Community
    Help build grass-roots awareness where you live
    1. Point out hypocrisy when you see it. Write letters to the editor. Organize a sit-in outside their offices, and invite your local TV News stations to come and watch.
    2. Hispanic Americans: Many try to make this issue a racial issue. That the problems are because of Mexicans, or the belief that people who are concerned for border security somehow blame Mexicans. The fact is, that many many different people from many different nations use the porous border as a conduit to get into the country undetected -- including lawbreaking Americans. Get in touch with Hispanics who are equally as angry at the lack of security on the border. This will potentially diffuse the myth that this issue is a "white" issue.
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  11. Campaigns
    Get involved with campaigns about issues important to you
    1. Is there an issue that's important to you, like child abuse or women’s rights?  You can find a campaign and get involved, or even start your own!
    2. Begin a “shared values” campaign, encouraging peaceful coexistence among the diverse peoples in our global (and local) communities. Most of us share many of the same ideals. By raising awareness about the beautiful things we have in common, we can stand firm against threats to those ideals.
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  13. Think about what's important to you
    Spend some serious time thinking about the values that are important to your community. For example: education, justice, equality, and social responsibility. Why are they important? How do we express them? Discuss them with your friends and colleagues at school and in the workplace. If you're a parent or teacher, engage your children in ways that will encourage them to think about our shared values, and some of the ways different cultures around the world express them.
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  15. Live what's important to you
    The biggest defense against this problem is to stand strong, and strive to bring these ideals into our lives. We should be as equally zealous as the cartels and corporations that use this situation to their advantage, to choose to live lives of truth and meaning. Remind yourself daily that you can distinguish between right and wrong, and you're not being intolerant or narrow-minded. One can be open-minded and still recognize that some beliefs and actions help destroy the good we have struggled to bring into our beautiful world.

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